We are designed by our most dominant influences.  To think; each of born as blank slates yet as adults we are so vividly different.  Since the day you were born you’ve been exposed to incessant streams of information, attitude and energy.  If you’re struggling in any area of your life it’s simply because you have not yet prioritized what’s of most value to you.  You have not yet defined your boundaries of what’s allowed in your mind.  If you want things to get better you’ve got to become more diligent in keeping your space.  Do the “One hour experiment”:  Right now, choose a focal thought.  (ex: I am a good listener.  I am curious.  I am attentive.  etc.)  And for the next hour, make all of your choices in accordance to your chosen focus.  After the hour note what you’ve experienced.  Did life get easier?  Did you become more direct in you communications?  Did you get more accomplished?  —  Remember, you’re the boss of you.  You’re the keeper of your well being.  Protect your mind from negative influence.  MZ

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